Wednesday 22 January 2020

This teen's Snapchat nail salon hack is truly a gift from above

The Texas teenager discovered an easy way to pick the perfect shade using the app.

By Zaina Alibhai

A Texas teen has solved one major problem everyone suffers when visiting a nail salon using Snapchat.

Emma Young, 18, dropped by her usual salon and was presented with a book showcasing all the colourful polishes on offer, on little acrylic nails glued down on the page.

Unable to test how each colour would suit her – as you would with a usual colour wheel found at some salons – the teen was struck by a stroke of genius that would allow her to decide which shade to choose.

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Emma remembered a recent update on Snapchat allowed users to create their own stickers from photos, and so she turned her four favourite nail colours into stickers and tested them using the app.


The teen shared her nail salon hack online where it attracted a lot praise, and even prompted others to give the solution a go.

Emma said: “My friends think that it’s pretty awesome that my tweet got so viral, but they haven’t gotten the chance to do it themselves.

“Some people think it’s awesome and other people think it’s stupid, which is fine with me because I didn’t take the tweet very seriously to begin with.

“It was just a lighthearted post about an idea that I had, and my twitter has been blowing up non stop since about 5 hours after I posted it.”

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