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This teenager set the promposal bar so high it might be impossible to top


And all he needed was some trainers and his phone.

Prom is a pretty big deal in the US and sees teens conduct the most creative and elaborate of ways to invite their partners to the ball.

Joran Fuller, 17, went all out with his promposal for his date Claire Short, 16, and all he needed was a pair of trainers and an phone app.

The teen ran 5.5 miles up through Ohio in a carefully constructed path so that his route posed a very special question.

Joran then shared a picture of his journey on fitness tracking app Stava, captioning the run “hey Claire” ensuring she saw it.

She did – believing it was “extremely thoughtful” – and shared a photo of her promposal online where it attracted a helluva lot of attention.

In case you were wondering… Claire said yes – the pair will be attending prom together on April 29.

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