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This T-shirt sold in the Trump Tower gift shop makes absolutely zero sense


“Shut the fake up media.”

Donald Trump hasn’t exactly been mild in his criticism of so-called “fake news”.

His hatred of fake news now seems even to be permeating the merchandise sold in Trump Tower… well, we think. In all honesty, one particular T-shirt that seems to be taking aim at fake news just doesn’t make any sense.

Erm… “shut the fake up media”? Really?

We have a sneaking suspicion the designers got a bit confused between “shut the fake media up” and “shut the f*** up” to come up with this delightful product.

It’s just a bit confusing.

Wannabe graphic designers have chimed in with their own suggestions for how to improve the T-shirt.

But not everyone will let the small matter of grammar get in the way of fashion.

As they say: It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you work it with confidence.

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