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This student committed a food ‘crime’ in the form of a Pop Tart and cheese sandwich

The campus police tweeted this student about his crime against Iowan foodstuffs.


(Chris Jorgensen/PA)

(Chris Jorgensen/PA)

(Chris Jorgensen/PA)

A student’s culinary high jinx have gone well and truly viral when he combined sweet with savoury in a very unusual way.

Chris Jorgensen, 20,  a journalism student from Iowa State University, decided to get involved with a common food meme using random ingredients from his cupboard.

“There have been posts really similar to this before – some very odd or disgusting food with the tweet saying something along the lines of ‘You aren’t from [place] if you never had [food]’,” said Jorgensen.

“My room-mate and I have always thought they were really funny. I told him one night that I wanted to make a tweet like that.”

The golden food combination he chose to represent the state of Iowa with?

Two Pop Tarts with a slice of cheese in the middle.

The post received over 450 likes and 200 retweets, but Jorgensen wasn’t one to take all the credit. He made sure to thank the supermarket he picked up the goods from.

Great memes require sacrifices and for Jorgensen, that was taking a bite of the food monstrosity he had made.

“I took the first picture of it with no bite taken – my room-mate said that I had to take a bite to really make the tweet better.

“The bite that I did take didn’t have too much cheese in it. I would say it was probably a 6/10, but I didn’t dare take another bite.”

Most understood the joke, but others were horrified.

The University police service even got involved with the food crime, telling Jorgensen “You are under arrest”.

Jorgensen said he and a friend checked Reddit after the tweet began to go viral and it was doing incredibly well.

“I thought it was hilarious because from the start it was a joke and so many people took it seriously.”

We’re not sure Iowa will be adopting Jorgensen’s food ideas, but his tweet certainly gave Iowans and others entertainment and fuel for debate.

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