Saturday 19 October 2019

This story about a cat who reappeared after a five-year absence is absolutely jaw dropping

This is basically a movie script.

Panther the cat, who returned to his owners five years after disappearing
Panther the cat, who returned to his owners five years after disappearing

By Max McLean, Press Association

After five years without her cat, Nguhi Muturi never expected to see him again, but the story of how the pet came back into her life stunned her and just about everybody else who heard it.

Nguhi, 23, got a kitten when she was nine years old in Dallas, Texas, and named it Panther. Panther lived with Nguhi until she left for college, at which point the feline disappeared.

“I loved him to pieces and used to write about him for every daily journal entry in school,” Nguhi told the Press Association. “We adopted him when he was a kitten months after we moved into this home.

“He slipped out of the house and never came back.”

Except he did come back, it just happened a whole five years later.

Nguhi told the story on Twitter to the amazement of thousands, but there was so much more to the story than a simple reappearance.

Sensational. Panther’s journey took him to a shelter where he was picked up by a woman, who later gave the cat to her parents, who it turns out were Nguhi’s next-door neighbours.

While next door, he apparently became buddies with Trotsky the dog, now owned by Nguhi, which is a spin-off film surely everybody wants to see.

And the best part? While Panther will continue to live next door, Nguhi gets to go and visit him as she pleases, although she may have to call him Charlie from now on.

“They are amazing people,” said Nguhi of her neighbours. “I hope they don’t get annoyed with me coming too often, but now that I know he’s close by I’m not losing him again!”

A fairy-tale ending and a story that wouldn’t look out of place on the silver screen.

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