Saturday 15 December 2018

This Simpsons super-fan threw a hilarious dinner party filled with foods mentioned on the show

The party included delicacies such as a giant Rice Krispies square and ‘nachos’ made from cucumber and cottage cheese.

The Simpsons-themed dinner party (Tristin Hopper)
The Simpsons-themed dinner party (Tristin Hopper)

By Max McLean and Emily Chudy, Press Association

A Simpsons super-fan created the ultimate dinner party featuring foods referenced in the cartoon, and the internet is loving his efforts.

Journalist Tristin Hopper threw the dinner party in Edmonton, Canada, complete with niche food references that may seem a little off-putting to anyone who’s not a fan of the show.

The spread included a bowl of nuts mixed with bubblegum, nachos made with cucumber and cottage cheese, a giant Rice Krispies square, a plate filled with cheese slices, and more. The foods have all been referenced at some point or another in the show.

Hopper’s efforts paid off, as every tweet in his Simpsons-themed thread received thousands of likes, and plenty of people complimenting his food.

Hopper said: “Ironically, while this is now getting interest from Simpsons fans around the world, most of my guests did not begin to get the references.

“Just like how a religious pilgrim must feel at a holy site, the menu items also helped to bring a new understanding of the original jokes. Nachos Flanders-style is particularly bland. Nuts and gum is particularly disgusting. I know that now, and feel blessed for it.”

Hopper said that the dinner party was a success, and some of the menu items even tasted surprisingly nice.

He said: “Rice Krispie square the best… Marge’s Happy Crackers were also surprisingly tasty. I made a batch for myself just last night (although with less focus on aesthetics).

“Everyone in Edmonton now has a substantial chunk of Rice Krispie square… Beer was also free and Edmonton is pretty depressing this time of year, so any party is a success, really.”

Hopper said: “I was raised on the Simpsons and saw many classic episodes when they first aired. I enjoy how much is crammed into the early episodes. Your average sitcom will have maybe 10 good jokes over 22 minutes. The Simpsons will pack in hundreds.

“At each stage of life, there are different things I appreciate in each episode.”

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