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This robot lays bricks six times faster than a human bricklayer


The robots are coming to take our jobs.

Robots which can lay up to 3,000 bricks a day could be coming to the UK.

The Semi-Automated Mason 100 (SAM) robot is an invention from US firm Construction Robotics and can lay brick six-times faster than the average human bricklayer.

The machines are already at work on a few sites across the pond, and the company is already eyeing up the UK market.

“We are going to be going over to the UK in the coming months to meet with some companies and see if we can find a home for Sam there,” Construction Robotics president Scott Peters, told The Times .

The use of robots on construction sites has sparked fears of job cuts, but the robots will need to be supervised and assisted in laying bricks in more complicated arrangements.

A testimonial on the company website from Andy Sneed, CEO of WASCO, said “The robot doesn’t eliminate our masons at all. It simply helps them do more with less crew, while minimising the physical stress of repetitive brick-lifting motions.”

The dawn of the robot age may have begun.

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