Sunday 15 September 2019

This research suggests that fans of certain Premier League clubs really can afford to leave early

Unsurprisingly, some clubs score late goals more frequently than others.

A view inside Stoke City's stadium
A view inside Stoke City's stadium

By Max McLean

People leaving the game early is a classic sight at any football match, especially when the result looks a foregone conclusion – however, some fans more than others should think twice before getting up to go before the final whistle.

According to research conducted by mobile phone provider EE, the average Premier League football fan leaves seven minutes and 37 seconds before the 90-minute mark.

Using that figure, findings from money-saving website illustrate just how much Premier League fans are missing out on at the end of games, using statistics from the 2016/17 season: the cheapest season ticket prices for each club divided by home goals scored.

Arsenal's Alexandre Lacazette scores a penalty

The result is that Arsenal fans, with one of the costlier season tickets, would have been better off staying put – with 18% (7) of their home goals coming in the final minutes of 2016/17 league games, reckons fans stood to lose almost £186 across the season by consistently leaving early.

Rivals Chelsea meanwhile scored a higher proportion of home goals (11) after the 83rd minute of a game at 20%, but with a cheaper season ticket stood to lose £150 over the course of the season by exiting the stadium before 90 minutes was up.

Presumably nobody left Stamford Bridge early when the Premier League trophy was being presented.

Chelsea lift the 2016/17 Premier League title

Everton fans meanwhile would have missed out on £122.62 of home goals last season, but along with Swansea City, would have missed a shedload of entertainment too – both Goodison Park and the Liberty Stadium saw 13 goals after the 83rd minute, more than anywhere else in the division.

But what of the clubs whose fans could probably leave without missing much?

Stoke City manager Mark Hughes

Well, according to the research, Stoke City fans missed out on just £12.25 worth of home goals last season if they left early, with the team scoring just 4% of their home goals (one) after the 83rd minute.

Nothing to see here, Potters fans.

The average Premier League fan missed eight goals as a result of leaving early last season, wasting £72.63 of their season ticket cost – you can find the full table here – how did your team get on?

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