Tuesday 17 September 2019

This rescue dog was so weak he couldn’t walk but he’s making an amazing recovery

Sly had been left for dead in a park, unable to stand or even lift his head, but now his health is improving.

Sly showing his recovery
Sly showing his recovery

By Alistair Mason, Press Association

Meet Sly – one of the pluckiest dogs you’re likely to see and a very good boy indeed.

Sly was found by a member of the public, emaciated, unable to stand and apparently left for dead in a park in Chester near Philadelphia.

Sly getting a check-up

Humane officer Ron Riggle immediately took the poor mutt to the Providence Animal Center‘s medical suite and instructed the vets: “I want you to save his life.”

An X-ray showed a rope toy was blocking the dog’s intestine, so the vets operated to remove it a few hours after he arrived.

Sly being operated on

But that was just the start for the dog who staff named Sly after Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone, because he’s a fighter.

Look who is eating! Can you spot the tail wag? 💞

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sly was still so weak he couldn’t stand or even hold his head up, and vets also identified a painful corneal ulcer – and with it the strong possibility he would lose an eye.

SLY had a peaceful night with the ever-attentive Dr. Croce, but he’s struggling today. He’s not interested in his hourly...

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Thursday, April 26, 2018

A day after surgery Sly stopped eating and staff were worried for his future.

But from there he slowly started to improve – wagging his tail, standing and eventually even taking a few steps.

SLY is standing for longer periods of time and more balanced as evidenced by his ability to stand and move that big,...

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Monday, April 30, 2018

He’s been helped in his recovery by another rescue dog, Nikita. Both of them have been living with one of the vets who performed Sly’s surgery, Gia Croce.

Sly and Nikita

Now staff have shared a video of Sly licking the face of Mr Riggle, the man who picked him up from the park, alongside Dr Croce.

One of our favorite moments of the day 💞 - Sly kissing his lifesaver, Humane Officer Ron Riggle, alongside his other lifesaver, Dr. Croce.

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sly has put on 6lb since he arrived at the unit, and staff are confident about his recovery.

On Wednesday, he shook his head for the first time – something he was previously too weak to do.

Sly in the sunshine

“While he still has a long journey ahead, we embrace his small but mighty progress,” staff wrote.

You can keep up with Sly’s recovery here.

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