Wednesday 27 March 2019

This remarkable mirror illusion came with a perfect unforeseen bonus

It’s the simple things in life.

The mirror illusion
The mirror illusion

By Edd Dracott, Press Association

An optical illusion is good, but an optical illusion that’s also oddly amusing is better.

The latter is what graduate Luke Ritchie stumbled on in a corridor on his campus, when he noticed a perfectly aligned mirror.


“My intention when I framed the shot was to demonstrate it was two different hallways by getting only part of one person in the picture,” Luke told the Press Association. “It was a coincidence their legs lined up.”

And a happy coincidence at that – posted to Reddit, Luke’s picture has had thousands of upvotes.

“I suspect people find optical illusions fascinating because they enjoy seeing their minds be tricked,” said Luke.

“On Reddit I would hypothesise people enjoy them even more when they are everyday occurrences, interesting artefacts of our day-to-day lives.”

The illusion showing a girl with a man's legs

Interesting indeed.

Press Association

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