Wednesday 26 June 2019

This pub went to incredible lengths to return this man’s lost Christmas pay packet

The only thing missing from this Hollywood story is a Christmas day ending and snow!

Money (Getty Images)
Money (Getty Images)

By Maariyah Pathan

As far as Christmas nightmares go – losing your pay package four days before Christmas has got to be one of the worst.

That’s exactly what happened to a Polish man named Mariusz who lost £600 (€675) at a pub in Wimbledon during his Christmas work drinks.

However, in a tale which will make you believe in the spirit of Christmas, this nightmare has a happy ending.

When managers at the Alexander pub – Mick Dore and his wife Sarah – found the cash, they launched an epic social media campaign that eventually helped unite Mariusz with his cash.

The campaign, which included retweets from the likes of J.K Rowling and Alan Carr, was launched shortly after bar worker Andrew Radcliffe – locally known as Nobby – found a mysterious brown envelope with nothing more than a first name etched across it.

Mick said: “Nobby found a brown envelope with 12 £50 notes inside – so we put it on social media hoping that Mariusz would get in touch.”

Mick, who has managed the pub for the past eight years, explained that at first they had no luck but eventually they started receiving replies from across the globe.

The pub manager said: “After six days of searching, Mariusz finally walked through the door completely relaxed and said ‘hi, I think you’ve got my money’.”

According to Mick, when Mariusz arrived he didn’t really know the extent of the search – but was an incredibly “lovely guy” which made all the effort worth it for the staff at the pub.

It turns out that Mariusz had actually gone back home to Poland for Christmas and he hadn’t told his wife about the lost cash, because “he didn’t want the hassle!”

It was his son that finally saw the social media campaign, which was viewed more than 1.5m times on Facebook and retweeted by more than 22,000 accounts – and asked his dad if he had lost the money.

A Christmas story for the ages. Well, in Mariusz’s family at least!

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