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This proposal at a hockey game included a bouquet of Doritos and you need to see it to believe it


One Vancouver Canucks fan used the Puck Shuffle game to ask her boyfriend to marry her, and she nailed it.

It’s official: we’ve decided that nothing is more proposal goals than a Doritos bouquet at a hockey game.

The Vancouver Canucks official Twitter account shared a clip from the game on Thursday which showed a man taking part in the Canucks-Puck Shuffle.

For those of you not down with ice hockey lingo, this is when a fan stands up in front of the whole arena to try to win a mystery prize by following three hockey pucks on a screen with their eyes. They then have to guess which number puck the prize is under.

But for Brandon Haubrich, turns out there was a whole other adorable (and, yes, slightly cheesy) element to his go at the game. When he guessed number three, underneath the puck on the screen it said: “Will you marry me?”

Then, his girlfriend Amanda Mussio popped up and asked the question for real and wow, are we a sucker for a cute proposal…

The best part of the proposal, though? The bouquet of Dorito roses.

Yeah, as much as we’re romantics, it’s the crisps that really caught our attention.

And because we know you need to know more about Canada’s Doritos Ketchup Roses, we went to the effort of finding out if they exist outside of hockey game proposals. And they do – well, at certain times of the year anyway.

Brb, moving to Canada.

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