Friday 23 March 2018

This prankster came up with the perfect way to troll an American football stadium’s helpline

“What is a bofa?”

A Cleveland Brown and the text
A Cleveland Brown and the text

By Edd Dracott

Misuse of helplines is inevitable, so when such misuse at least puts a smile on your face it’s something which should be appreciated.

Matt Allaire, 19, got hold of a number from a friend of a text in service to tackle issues at the FirstEnergy Stadium, the home of the Cleveland Browns, so he sent in a query.

The first texts

Now on the face of it Matt’s text to the American Football stadium appears to be relatively innocuous, a complaint about something another fan had brought into the arena which was “very distracting” for him.

It raises one far-too-obvious question, though – what’s a “bofa”?

The second set of texts


Matt’s message has gone viral on Twitter, with more than 26,000 likes but, as you can imagine, the helpline had a pretty inevitable reply.

The stadium's reply

“I don’t want to publicly advocate for messing with helplines,” Matt, a student at the University of Cincinnati, told the Press Association.

“But I understand why people do it because its funny and I’m clearly not following my own rules.

“I’ve attempted this several times with other teams, but always got blocked immediately, I think there is a joke to be made about how the Browns were the only team to actually fall for this.”

While it’s fair to say Matt was pretty happy with this efforts, it seems he also inspired some copycats.

So, will Matt be returning to the helpline-pranking business?

“I don’t plan to do any more of these, simply because this one was so perfect and I don’t want to ruin my track record,” said Matt. “But who knows, if the situation presents itself anything can happen.”

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