Monday 19 February 2018

This possum had one hell of a nap after accidentally licking leaves covered with cannabis oil

The animal was found passed out in a Seattle garden.

By Zaina Alibhai

An inquisitive possum got more than he bargained for after unsuspectingly licking a pile of garden leaves covered with cannabis oil.

Shauna Sowersby – a photographer from Seattle, Washington – was making marijuana-infused olive oil in a crock pot with some friends in her garden.

When the group attempted to pour the cooled product from the pot to a container, they accidentally spilled some in a pile of leaves on the patio, but thought nothing of it. That was until the following day.

Laying sprawled out on mud and leaves under the sun, Shauna found a possum which, at first glance, appeared to be lifeless but was really just enjoying a seriously deep sleep.


Shauna said: “At first I thought he was dead because there were some flies around him, but then I saw him breathing.

“It was then that I noticed a huge, fresh poop next to the pile of leaves where my friend had spilled. Then it all made sense. It was so unbelievable that I had to send out photos to some friends.”

After dining out that evening, she went to the garden to check on her new furry friend to find him in the exact same spot. Shauna began feeling bad for the possum so set up a small candlelight vigil for the animal.


But thankfully, the possum made it through the night. The 30-year-old said: “He was gone in the morning, surely off to tell the other neighbourhood creatures of his experiences.”

Shauna shared the photos of the possum on social media, as well as with her friends, where they’ve attracted a lot of attention.

Although some people were quick to assume that she had been cruel to the animal, or the incident was intentional, Shauna stressed this wasn’t the case, saying: “We made sure he was safe while getting a hell of a laugh out of it.”

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