Thursday 18 October 2018

This poor pupper was rescued after being stuck in sewage for an hour and a half

Gidget is home safely now – but still stinks, according to her owner.

Gidget, a 2-year-old English mastiff, stuck in sewage
Gidget, a 2-year-old English mastiff, stuck in sewage

By Alistair Mason, Press Association

A two-year-old English mastiff had to be rescued after escaping from her home and getting stuck in sewage.

Gidget escaped from the family home in Pueblo West, Colorado, alongside another dog, a walker coonhound named Buddy, on Sunday.

But when Buddy returned the following day, Gidget was nowhere to be seen.

Earlier today PWFD was requested by the Metro Waste Water Treatment Plant to respond to a dog that was stranded in one...

Posted by Pueblo West Fire Department on Monday, May 7, 2018

Somehow she had made her way to the Metro Waste Water Treatment Plant, six miles from home, where she got herself stuck in the muck.

Thankfully, Gidget was heard barking for help by a worker at the plant, who called in the fire department.

Firefighters used a ladder to get Gidget out of the brown stuff, hosed her down and sent her to Pueblo Animal Services.

Gidget's Happy Tail! Beautiful Gidget wasn't having the best day, but it's looking much better now. Earlier today,...

Posted by Pueblo Animal Services on Monday, May 7, 2018

“Everybody at the shelter just loved her,” Gidget’s owner Mandi Smith told AP. “She was a star.”

The shelter gave Gidget two contamination baths before Ms Smith’s son arrived to pick her up.

She said Gidget is “ecstatic” to be home, but she and Buddy, who was also spotted at the plant before making his way home, still carry an olfactory souvenir of their adventure.

“They have gotten so many baths and they still smell,” she said.

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