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This police officer comforted a 93-year-old theft victim by playing a beautiful piano solo

This Mansfield PCSO went the extra mile when he checked up on the man.


(SunnyGraph/Getty Images/PA)

(SunnyGraph/Getty Images/PA)

(SunnyGraph/Getty Images/PA)

A follow-up visit to an elderly victim of theft ended happily when a police officer played a piano solo for the 93-year-old man.

PCSO Craig Bull and a colleague visited the man to check on him and had a friendly conversation which led to the performance.

Bull said the 93-year-old “shared stories about him ‘getting his wings’, being a pilot, the war, and sadly the loss of his beloved wife on Christmas Eve a few years ago”.

He added: “I noticed he had a piano with music open – one of his favourite Chopin pieces, he said, a nocturne. I told him it was my late grandma’s favourite too!”

Bull then asked if he could play the music for him, and the man agreed.

In a video posted to Facebook by Mansfield police, Bull can be seen at the piano while the man waves his hands in time to the music as he sits in his armchair.

PCSO Craig Bull said the visit and his ability to make the gentleman happy by taking a few minutes to play the piano gave him “job satisfaction”.

It seems the video made a lot of other people happy, too – it has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

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