Thursday 24 January 2019

This picture of levitating ice will leave you confused

You might have to stare at it a while to realise exactly what you’re looking at.

Nature was glitching (Amber Kunz/PA)
Nature was glitching (Amber Kunz/PA)

By Grace Rahman, Press Association

When Amber Kunz was taking a hike through the Swallow Cliff forest preserve in Illinois, she spotted something pretty bizarre.

A field seemed to be covered in ice, but on closer inspection it was actually levitating several inches above the ground.

“I thought it was intriguing so I walked into the field and my foot went directly through the thin layer of ice!” she told the Press Association.

Cue jokes about nature failing to render from users on Reddit, where Amber posted her photo.

Photo showing a thin layer of ice separating a snowy scene above and untouched soil below

“It’s like when you’re swimming in a video game and put the camera right at the edge of the surface of the water,” commented user Abcdqfr.

But how did this glitch in the matrix come about?

Although sub-zero temperatures had caused a thin top layer of ice to form, the water below had subsequently drained.

The ice had remained intact, suspended by the reeds caught up in it, and guarded the soil below from the extreme weather.

“The ground below the ice was untouched by the snow,” said Amber, “making it look like another world from the perspective of the photo.”

“The icy field was much more intriguing and beautiful than I initially thought!”

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