Monday 18 November 2019

This photo of two cats accidentally looks like a classic portrait from a regal country home

Owner Lance took the image on his phone.

Lance's cats
Lance's cats

By Edd Dracott

Anyone with pets will know that for all their attempts to take arty pictures, invariably it’s their furry friends who clog up their phone’s picture albums.

For Lance from Oklahoma though, a happy accident saw his cats Maya and Ripley turn into a work of art.

Lance’s viral post of the photo from his Reddit account, misterzadir, remarks that the image looks “like it should be on a giant canvas above a fireplace in a house that smells of rich mahogany” – which is a pretty accurate description.

Maya and Ripley

“I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my wife in our living room and noticed that Maya (right) was grooming Ripley (left) right behind me, so I decided to grab my phone,” Lance told the Press Association. “By the time I turned around and held the phone up, Maya stopped and looked up and the picture I took is the result.

“All we had on was a lamp on the other side of the couch and we couldn’t help but get a kick out of how posed it looked.

“We unfortunately do not have a fireplace, though.”

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