Friday 24 January 2020

This naughty goat jumped onto a police car bonnet and refused to get down

The animal had to be carried away by the owner after refusing to vacate the vehicle.

(Blanchard Police Department)
(Blanchard Police Department)

By PA Reporters

A police officer in the US got a little more than he bargained for when he was called to investigate reports of an escaped pony – and instead found an unexpected guest on top of his car.

Captain Joe Beilouny of the Blanchard Police Department in Oklahoma was walking back to his car when he saw a goat happily perched on the bonnet of his vehicle. The goat had no intention to leave.

Despite several attempts, the goat refused to vacate the vehicle until it was carried away by the owner (against its will, obviously).

The animal, of course, was having none of it and when the opportunity presented itself, it quickly hopped back on top of the vehicle.

It must have really, really liked the shiny police car.

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