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This man rescued a tiny tree frog from his car and it’s surprisingly cute

The little green frog was rescued and returned into the wild.


Rescued tree frog

Rescued tree frog

Rescued tree frog

A little tree frog has gone viral after it was rescued by a kind resident and freed into the wild.

David Steen, a research ecologist working in Georgia, found the frog after it hopped into his truck in the night. The frog was in danger of being crushed, so Steen ushered it inside, took it to work with him, and then released it into the bushes.

Posting on Twitter, he said: “This morning I was driving into work when I noticed a little squirrel tree frog hanging on for dear life outside. I rolled down the window and ushered him inside where he kind of relaxed and made himself comfortable.”

Steen explained that once he got to work, he put the frog in a cool bag so that its skin wouldn’t dry out.

Steen said: “I have studied wild amphibians and reptiles for many years so I had a good idea regarding how to keep the frog comfortable.

“Basically I wanted to make sure that its skin didn’t dry out and it didn’t overheat, so I put a wet paper towel in its bag and kept it in the shade.”

The frog was then released into the wild, where it happily hopped into the bushes.

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Steen said: “Most of my research experience relates to amphibians and reptiles in the south-eastern United States, and I do have a little experience studying wild populations of squirrel tree frogs.”

Social media users have loved the rescue story of the little frog, leaving their well-wishes underneath Steen’s post.

Steen said: “As a conservation biologist, my priority is the conservation of wildlife populations, but I am always happy to encourage empathy for individual animals too, like this little tree frog.

“It’s nice to see that the short story has struck a chord with so many folks.”

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