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This man peeling off a face mask will make your face hurt just watching it



A Facebook Live video of a man of tearing off a face mask is going viral.

DJ and boxing coach Wayne Scott-Fox decided to try out the latest craze in skincare, with hilarious results.

He seems pretty nonchalant as he slathers the black gunk all over his face.

“You just whack it on and peel it off,” he says. “Easy as that.”

Well, it turns out, it’s not as easy as that.

When the time comes to remove the mask, Wayne finds himself in excruciating pain.

Wayne told us: “It was still burning the next day but it was my own fault for how I did it.

“I wouldn’t advise people to stay away [from the masks], I’d just advise them to do it properly and read the instructions first, which is something I didn’t do.”

Since he made the live broadcast to Facebook, the video has had over 440,000 views. Do try this at home… but maybe read the instructions beforehand!

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