Thursday 25 April 2019

This little cloud of a kitten is safe and well after being rescued

The animal charity that stepped in to help Nimbus is warning people about buying pets online.

Rescue kitten Nimbus
Rescue kitten Nimbus

By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

This little kitten has been nursed back to health after being sold online when he was just four weeks old.

The tiny white kitten, named Nimbus because he looks like a cloud, was so young he was unable to clean himself and was scalded from his own excrement.


His new owner raised the alarm when the cat’s true age became apparent and took it to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The cat had been sold through a car boot app and was left underweight, in pain and frightened, said the charity.

Because he had never seen his mother or littermates eating food from a bowl, little Nimbus struggled to feed himself.

Rescue kitten Nimbus has been taken in by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home)

Veterinary care assistant Kate Brooks fostered the kitten to ensure he got the care and attention he needed, and gave him regular baths to soothe his skin and administered eye drops.

Battersea’s head vet Shaun Opperman said: “Nimbus was far too young to be separated from his mother when he was sold online. He came into us in a terrible state as he couldn’t clean himself properly and he clearly wasn’t being fed properly as he was seriously underweight.

Rescue kitten Nimbus has been taken in by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home)

“Our veterinary team had to step in and play the role of his mother, helping him feed and learn to groom himself, as well as administering treatment for his eye infections and upset stomach.”

Nimbus now has a new home but the charity is using his story to warn people against buying animals online.

Rescue kitten Nimbus has been taken in by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home)

“There’s absolutely no guarantee they’re buying what’s been advertised and, as in this case, many of the animals sold online have received little or no veterinary treatment, leaving them helpless,” said Mr Opperman.

Battersea’s head of catteries, Rob Young, said: “Luckily Nimbus was brought to us just in time as without immediate veterinary care, his future could have been very sad.

“His story just goes to show how dangerous it is to purchase a pet online – this poor kitten was in an awful state and far younger than he’d been advertised.”

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