Monday 24 June 2019

This kid’s doctor made him a balloon jet pack and it’s the coolest thing ever

Diagnosis: this doctor seems very cool.

A child gets a balloon jet pack at the doctor’s – (Trevor Smith)
A child gets a balloon jet pack at the doctor’s – (Trevor Smith)

By Max McLean, Press Association

Trips to see the doctor can be a little unnerving, especially for children, but it always helps if the paediatrician is an expert balloon artist.

That’s the situation Trevor Smith, 30, from California, found himself in when his son Hudson was getting an initial check-up with a new doctor.

“My son is a very social person, and he loves interacting with doctors because the focus is on him,” Trevor told the Press Association.

“The doctor is doing her residency, and after the check-up, stated that she did balloon art in her undergrad. She asked Hudson if he’d like something made and listed off a few options – sword, dog, jet pack.

“Hudson picked jet pack. She left and came back with this whole balloon art tool belt, and she got to work.”

(Trevor Smith)

With the doctor expertly crafting the balloon technology, Hudson waited excitedly, but things were about to get even better as the doctor added: “Jet packs need flames,” before adding the finishing touch.

“When she did finish, he ran over, and she helped him put it on,” said Trevor.

“He was jumping and turning, and he was pretending he couldn’t control it. It was definitely a paediatrician visit we’ll not soon forget.”

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