Sunday 22 September 2019

This is why the grim reaper is lurking at a road junction in Surrey

The foreboding figure has been pictured at a busy intersection, complete with scythe and long dark robes.

(Credit: Mark Payne/PA)
(Credit: Mark Payne/PA)

By Alastair Reid, Press Association

Drivers on the A3 have been getting a shock in recent weeks as foreboding figures dressed in grim reaper outfits lurk on the side of a busy road.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a number of people wielding six-foot scythes and clad in long dark robes as cars rush past a junction.

The video then cuts to a similar scene at night, showing the cars speeding through rain and spray at the junction.

The macabre sight is the work of a group of local residents who are pinned into their quiet cul-de-sac by the roaring dual carriageway, describing the “deadly junction” as a death trap unless unless officials intervene.

“The junction is really, really dangerous these days and it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed up there,” said Mark Payne, a 49-year-old resident of Beechcroft Drive in Guildford.

“It’ll either be someone on the A3 or one of us leaving,” he added.

Residents leaving the road have to pull out into 50-mile-an-hour traffic to get to work, he said, and drivers who want to enter the road either have to grind to a halt on a bend to conduct a u-turn or take their chances crossing both lanes from the other side.

“We had to do that because we tried everything else,” he added.

“Our elderly residents, women and children run the gauntlet every day when trying to negotiate this junction,” John Robson, another resident, told local outlet Surrey Live.

“God forbid, should the inevitable tragedy occur, make no mistake we will ensure those responsible, the budget holders, the so-called decision makers, will be held accountable.”

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