Saturday 24 March 2018

This is what the inside of a great white shark’s mouth looks like when it tries to bite your camera

Dr Gregory Skomal was on a research trip when he caught the spine-tingling footage with his GoPro camera.

(vladoskan/Getty Images)
(vladoskan/Getty Images)

By Peter Cary

A marine biologist captured the moment a great white shark took a bite of his camera off the eastern United States.

Dr Gregory Skomal, a programme manager at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, filmed the terrifying encounter using a GoPro in the sea around Monomoy Island, a few miles off the US mainland.

The 3.6 metre shark clamped its jaws around the camera, but stopped short of attacking the scientist clutching the other side of the equipment.

Skomal was on a research trip for the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy at the time.

Up close and personal: the mouth of the great white shark (Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries)

He can now safely say what the inside of a great white shark’s mouth looks like: terrifying.

Just as we all suspected.

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