Saturday 20 January 2018

This is what it might have looked like if Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May actually went head-to-head during The Battle For Number 10

The Labour leader’s Facebook page has uploaded an edited video of clips from the show.

By Jessica Pitocchi

Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced interviews with a live studio audience and Jeremy Paxman on Monday night – except the party leaders didn’t actually appear together as the PM had previously declined to do a head-to-head.

So the team behind Jeremy Corbyn’s Facebook page decided to edit together clips from the Channel 4 show to get a sense of what the debate could have been like between the two of them.

Jeremy Corbyn

Theresa May won’t take me on in a head to head debate but here’s what it might look like if she did and we debated her record on education.

The video focused on the topic of school funding and included the moment May was heckled and laughed at by the studio audience for saying the Labour manifesto figures don’t add up.

Clips of the response Corbyn gave to an audience member about children going to school hungry and having to sit in “supersized classes” were slotted in between shots of May to make it look as if she was listening intently to him.

One thing’s for sure, had the pair gone head-to-head it was likely to have made interesting viewing.

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