Tuesday 20 February 2018

This is the story we imagine Jeremy Corbyn was telling schoolkids today...

By Taylor Heyman

A fairytale or a nightmare?

Once upon a time, there was a man named Mr Cameron who was the ruler of the United Kingdom.

One day Mr Cameron decided to ask all the people in the kingdom if they still wanted to be part of a big club called the European Union.

Just over half of the people said: “No we don’t, thank you very much!” The rest said: “Yes we do, we do , we do!”

So that was it. Goodbye Europe, and goodbye Mr Cameron.

But the tale was not to end here. Along came Mrs May. She was sad because nobody could agree if there should be a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit or a red, white and blue Brexit.

So to try and make sure everybody would still be friends, she called a snap general election.

Now all the people had to decide whether they wanted Mrs May, Mr Corbyn or someone else to rule the country.

And who did they choose? Well that’s a story for another day…

Jeremy Corbyn read to kids as he visited the Brentry Childrens Centre on the campaign trail today. This almost certainly wasn’t the story he actually told.

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