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This is how Aussies have been preparing for Cyclone Debbie


Spoiler alert: it involves some pretty rude signs.

Thousands of people have begun evacuating areas of Australia’s tropical northeast as Cyclone Debbie edges nearer.

When travelling over the Pacific Ocean the cyclone was a Category 3 storm, but it has now been upgraded to Category 4. It is expected to hit Australia on Tuesday with powerful winds of up to 280km/h.

Whether they are being evacuated or not, people across the Queensland state coast have been preparing for the storm to hit.

Luckily, the intense weather hasn’t taken away from the Aussie sense of humour as many have been stockpiling the, ahem, *essentials*.

The shops were cleaned out in preparation for the cyclone, but as one Instagram user noted: “Cyclone still isn’t bad enough to risk gluten-free bread.” Phew – at least they’re maintaining some level of normalcy.

This Aussie has her food priorities in check and used precious ingredients to bake a cake basically saying “up yours” to Cyclone Debbie.

Others have turned to popular culture to prepare them for the storm – however, we’re not so sure Twister is particularly factually accurate.

Many are defiant in the face of the upcoming storm, as these typically Aussie signs show us.

People aren’t exactly subtle in showing Debbie what they really think.

Cyclone Debbie might be a royal pain in the rear end for many Aussies, but there sure were some beautiful photos taken in the calm before the storm.

As Debbie gets closer, we doubt that things are quite so serene in Queensland now.

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