Wednesday 19 December 2018

This guy’s winning yoyo routine might be the most skillful thing you see in 2018

The routine led to victory in a competition in Arizona.

A yoyo trick being performed
A yoyo trick being performed

By Max McLean, Press Association

Remember yoyos? Well if you’d kept at it like Joey Jessen has, you might be producing unbelievable videos like the one below.

Jessen, 18, was taking part in a competition in Arizona, and while his performance has been watched by millions, it also earned him the state championship.

It’s not hard to see why.

“I’ve been yoyo-ing for about four years,” Jessen told the Press Association. “My friends at the time would yoyo and I found it to be something I really enjoyed.

“The tricks I used were part of one of the five divisions of yoyoing called Offstring (4A),” he continued.

“I started my routine out with basic tricks and slowly worked my way into harder tricks to fit the music and to score higher.”

Not everything went to plan as a few mistakes threatened to ruin his title chances.

“I had some mess-ups, but I stayed calm and recovered,” he said.

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