Wednesday 22 May 2019

This guy’s pregnant wife didn’t want maternity pictures – so he got his own

Behold, the miracle of pregnancy in all its glory.

According to the photographer, the shoot itself was one to remember (Chris Urena)
According to the photographer, the shoot itself was one to remember (Chris Urena)

By Alistair Mason, Press Association

When Chris Urena’s wife became pregnant with their first child, his mind turned to the idea of a maternity photo shoot.

There was just one spanner in the works – his wife, Angie, wasn’t on board.

No matter – Chris, who is himself a photographer, thought creatively and came up with the perfect way to get those unforgettable images – he posed for them himself.


The 29-year-old recruited a bunch of photographer friends and got to work.

“I came up with the idea and then we started pitching different ideas and this was the end result,” he told the Press Association.

The results are pretty special – all the usual poses you’d expect from a maternity shoot, with plenty of sass and drama thrown in, except it’s the father in the pictures instead of the mother.


According to Chris, who’s from Allentown, Pennsylvania, the shoot itself was one to remember.

“The experience was actually hilarious,” Chris said. “We could not stop laughing the entire time. It was new to all of us.

“I have never done anything to this magnitude but my family and friends all laugh and just say it’s me and my character. They wouldn’t expect anything less.”

Chris Urena in a 'maternity shoot'

As well as his friends and family, the pictures were a huge hit on Reddit, where they quickly rose to the top of the site’s coveted front page and gained hundreds of positive comments.

And there was some extra good news for Chris – the pictures were good enough to change wife Angie’s mind about doing a shoot of her own.

“My wife isn’t huge on photos, especially revealing ones, but after seeing mine she had agreed to do some which I’ll be doing sometime next week,” Chris said.

Chris Urena in a 'maternity shoot'

The birth will be particularly special as the couple tried for two years before finally finding out Angie was pregnant in October.

And they’ll have the perfect photos to document it, too.

Chris Urena in a 'maternity shoot'

You can check out Chris’ own work here.

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