Wednesday 13 December 2017

This guy’s mum had no idea what her own dog looked like and Twitter is finding it way too funny

She saw a dog had gone missing and panicked… but the canine she saw looks literally nothing like their pet Duey. Awkward…

(Jeff Squires)
(Jeff Squires)

By Zaina Alibhai

There may be the saying that mums are always right – but in the case of the text conversation Twitter user Jeff Squires shared, this definitely isn’t true.

The 17-year-old, from Ohio, received an anxious message from his mum asking if a missing dog she had seen on Facebook was their pet dog Duey.

(Jeff Squires/Twitter)

But when you see a picture of the actual Duey – a short haired Jack Russell terrier – you’ll realise why Twitter is finding the question so hilarious.

(Jeff Squires/Twitter)

Yep, he looks nothing like the picture Jeff’s mum sent – first off, as Jeff says in his reply to her, Duey’s face is brown… not white.

“My mom saw a post on Facebook about these two dogs that went missing (who coincidentally were owned by my friend’s grandmother) and, being the caring person she is, wanted to just make sure that the missing dogs weren’t my dog Duey,” said Jeff.

“Duey has a habit of running away around this time of year, so she was just worried he ran off again.”

But luckily, Duey was safe, and the whole situation is giving Twitter a lot of entertainment.

They also found it funny Jeff’s mum appeared unable to spell her own dog’s name right too.

But mums failing to recognise their dogs seems to be a common occurrence.

When it comes to Jeff’s mum’s reaction to their text exchange going viral, he said: “My mom is ecstatic, she doesn’t use Twitter all that much but she’s been glued to her phone these few days watching the numbers tick up.”

Maybe she will recognise Duey from now on.

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