Wednesday 21 March 2018

This guy wanted to go on Ellen so much he recreated the set and hired an impersonator

By Grace Rahman

This is something else.

A Polish YouTuber has made his dream to get on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a reality by building its set from scratch, hiring an Ellen impersonator and filming the whole thing for his channel.

In a bizarre video, he can be seen telling his mum he’s been “invited” to the show, his “journey” to LA and then a 15-minute interview with the lookalike, complete with an audience, stupid dancing and a perfectly recreated backdrop.

The whole thing is really meta – he and his Ellen talk about how he’d mocked up The Ellen DeGeneres Show to get there, and they speak to a fake Ellen he said he used for that video who’s in the audience, also played by his impersonator.

Lucas Jacobiak, who describes himself as a motivational speaker, uploaded another video showing the set being built, him telling his mum it was actually all a joke, and even dying the impersonator’s hair that trademark Ellen blonde.

On his Facebook page, Jacobiak writes that the task was the “project of my life” and took three years to pull off.

And in fairness, his team got the set spot on. Here’s the real set.

Pretty good, right?

In the interview, he tells his Ellen: “I was dreaming about that for so many years, and the idea just came up in my head. I was just visualising this. Visualisation is one of the most important tools for motivation.”

And the fact that, in a sense, he made it happen should serve as inspiration to us all. Don’t let your dreams be dreams, people.

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