Monday 17 June 2019

This guy tries the bizarre new flavours of your favourite brands

Like birthday cake granola bars from Quaker, new Diet Coke flavours and a spicy Kettle crisp.

Peter Harmon from Pete Tastes It (Peter Harmon)
Peter Harmon from Pete Tastes It (Peter Harmon)

By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

A writer who creates taste test videos for new products on YouTube has been approached by a production company keen to explore turning his idea into a TV show.

Peter Harmon shares his highly-watchable short videos on his newly-created YouTube channel in a series called Pete Tastes It.

Among recent reviews are the new Diet Coke flavours, Kettle’s Pepperoncini flavoured crisps and V8 Fruit & Vegetable blends drink.

Peter, who lives in Lose Angeles with his wife, two children and a dog, started making simple videos on his Instagram page before switching to YouTube. While some items are for his core US audience only, most are from international brands.

“I only try stuff I’ve never had before, that way the reaction is genuine,” Peter told Press Association.

“I like to try strange stuff. If the food doesn’t elicit a unique reaction then there’s no point to putting it on video.”

Each product is given either a Pete Repeat Eat or a Pete-o Veto.

One of his favourite moments came as he tried Feisty Mango Diet Coke with his friend Kyle Eilerman. As they took a first sniff of the new flavour they “ooooed” in unison.

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“It was unplanned and ridiculous that we had the same strange reaction.”

Aside from the junk food snacks which Peter eats for his taste test vids, he tries to eat healthily which makes the on-camera feast all the more fun for him.

“I wouldn’t usually eat a bag of Takis or Pringles as a snack, so eating a handful of chips or a couple candies is a change of pace.

“I am by no means a foodie but I would consider myself a ‘junk foodie’. Even though I eat healthfully I can talk about Doritos or Utz or the different flavours of Oreos for as long as you’ll let me.

“People enjoy the videos. I actually got an email out of the blue from a production company about turning the videos into a TV show, which is the dream of course.”

Until then, see more from Peter on Twitter and YouTube.

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