Saturday 20 January 2018

This guy made a 'relationship saving station' in Ikea and we wish it was everywhere

By Taylor Heyman

If only there was one of these in every Ikea.

A man has come up with a hilarious way to stay sane while shopping in Ikea.

Jeff Wysaski, who runs Obvious Plant, recently set up a “relationship saving station” at his local Ikea in a bid to keep couples together through the trials and tribulations of shopping in the superstore.

According to Wysaski, the strategy for keeping your relationship together is a simple five-step process.

1. Yell at a tiny horse

Join together in your fury and lay it all on this little, defenceless horse.

2. Gaze upon a picture of a puppy in a teacup

Apparently, it will remind you there is joy in the world.

3. Tell Elsa your problems

Yep, she’s going to help you “let it go”. Classic.

4. Wear a silly hat

Let’s face it, you’ll be too busy laughing to get angry.

5. Blow bubbles

Finally, release your inner child by blowing bubbles.

We’re big fans of this stunt, and it turns out this isn’t the first time Obvious Plant has indulged in amusing signs. Check out his Facebook page for more funnies.

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