Tuesday 16 July 2019

This guy charted his lovelorn Tinder experience over 28 days

From his 53 matches, despite being ghosted, stood up and cancelled, he did manage to go on some dates.

The Tinder app and the chart created by one user after their matches fizzled out (Jonathan Brady/PA/Keongmanja/Reddit)
The Tinder app and the chart created by one user after their matches fizzled out (Jonathan Brady/PA/Keongmanja/Reddit)

By Nicola Irwin, Press Association

A singleton trying to find a date on Tinder has drawn up a chart showing how more than 50 matches fizzled out.

The chart struck a chord with users on Reddit who upvoted the chart more than 30,000 times.

Over 28 days, Redditor Keongmanja swiped right and successfully matched with 53 people.

But each interaction came to an end – or in some cases never really started.

[OC] My 28 Days on Tinder from dataisbeautiful

He hopes that other Tinder newbies can learn from his chart – but will stick to the “old-fashioned” approach of striking up conversations at bookshops and social gatherings, Keongmanja told Press Association.

Three matches never started a conversation and he was ghosted 12 times; four women never replied and eight replied once, only for him to hear nothing more.

Of the 38 matches that progressed on to WhatsApp messaging, 19 replies boiled down to “I don’t know when I’ll be free”.

Of the nine that resulted in dates, he was stood up three times and cancelled on twice.

He had four actual dates.

Man sitting underneath a tree with his laptop ((Motortiom/Getty Images)

After sharing the chart on the subreddit Data Is Beautiful, it was boosted to the site’s coveted homepage.

Keongmanja, 24, who studied finance in the UK but has since returned to Indonesia, said he was not too frustrated by striking out.

He created the chart “to demonstrate that there’s a low probability to make an actual date, so that the guys who just start to use Tinder can learn and start crafting their strategies.”

But he was excited to see it perform so well on Reddit.

“I felt grateful even though I think the graph does not represent everyone’s experience using Tinder.”

He has even followed up on feedback from fellow Redditors, tweaking the colours to make his chart clearer.

Chart showing success on Tinder

Keongmanja has been single for eight months.

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