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This guy built a fully functioning electric guitar from 1,200 colouring pencils

And it sounds pretty good, too.





If you thought colouring pencils were just for drawing, think again.

One crafty musician has done something truly amazing with the popular artistic tools, using 1,200 of them to fashion a fully functioning – and rather beautiful – electric guitar.

I build an electric guitar from 1200 colored pencils

YouTuber Burls Art sawed the pencils into pieces, then put them in a mould and covered with epoxy resin.

He then sawed the pencil mass using a template to style the guitar in the fashion of a Fender Stratocaster.

Photos and videos show the complicated process of routing, sanding, drilling and polishing Burls Art then went through before adding in the technical parts of the guitar, and finally adding the neck and strings.

The whole process took a few weeks to complete, and was made more complicated by the fact that Burls Art had never previously made a guitar.

But you wouldn’t know it to listen to it – a clip of the artist playing his guitar at the end of the construction video proves it really does sound as good as it looks.

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