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This guy absolutely nailed being a ‘flower girl’ at his cousin’s wedding

Yes, he actually stops in the aisle to throw the petals in the air.


(NickOcean/Getty Images)

(NickOcean/Getty Images)

(NickOcean/Getty Images)

A video showing a man taking on the rather unconventional role of ‘flower girl’ at his cousin’s wedding has gone viral.

The YouTube clip shows 28-year-old Patrick Casey leading the way down the aisle with a basket of petals at Andria Farthing’s wedding in Wisconsin, US.

Patrick said he wanted to be a flower girl after he and Andria were at a wedding together as children – but that time, she was the flower girl and he was the ring bearer.

“You’d find me lobbying to be their flower man even before they were engaged,” he said. “A little later, after their engagement, they honoured me by bestowing me with the duty I so craved.

“As they were ready to make vows to each other, I vowed to be respectful, to not break my facial expression and to add a bit of appropriate (in my mind!) levity to their special day.”

Adorably, he even used the same flower basket that Andria used when they were at that wedding together as children. N’awww…

Patrick has a reply to any sceptics out there of his role at the wedding too.

“I would say, ‘A good marriage includes a lot of laughing, so what’s wrong with a bit of fun at your wedding with someone you both love and who loves you both?'” he said.


(Patrick Casey)

(Patrick Casey)

(Patrick Casey)

“I’ve always been close with Andria and Jake has become an amazing friend – I wanted to help them celebrate and thought ‘hey, why not have some fun with it?’

Hear hear.

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And as you can see from the video, Patrick nailed his role – especially when he stopped to dramatically throw the petals in the air.

Patrick added: “I think most people were won over when I stopped at the end of the aisle, put the basket down, pulled flower petals from my pockets and threw them in the air, LeBron powder-toss style.

“For the most part, I think the people who got showered with petals on my way in couldn’t help but smile.”

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