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This grandma downing shots with girls in Mexico is ultimate holiday goals


*wishes every holiday was as fun as this*

If you’ve ever been on a bit of a party holiday, you’ll know that sometimes they can take a rather unexpected turn.

Including, say, downing shots with a grandma.

“Ooh that’s a good shot” – yes, that was a grandma saying that.

Twitter user Anna Maria, from San Diego, uploaded a video of her and two friends drinking by the pool in Mexico and Doreen Grett excitedly joining in.

Anna Maria told us: “Me and my friends were on spring break and were at the hotel pool one morning when we met Doreen and her husband, who were sitting near us. She was super-sweet and told us how she liked our swimsuits and we started talking to her and then, when we ordered drinks, we thought it would be fun to take a shot with her and she agreed.

“She was one of the sweetest people and we just thought it would be fun to take her a shot. We had no idea it would get this big and I’m still so surprised how much attention we’ve gotten.”

We need some Doreen in our lives pronto.

The clip was actually in response to a viral tweet from Doreen’s granddaughter Payton. See, Payton had shared a picture of the drinking sesh that Doreen had posted on her Facebook page with the caption “shots with the girls”. It understandably went viral and Anna Maria spotted it in her timeline.

There’s a cute twist to the story – Anna Maria and Payton have since been chatting over Twitter, sharing their love for the fun-loving grandma.

Payton replied to Anna’s video of the holiday antics in Playa Grande, saying: “Ohh my gosh lmao this is soooo cute! She loved you guys too” to which Anna replied: “I’m so glad we met her she was so sweet and told us all about you and your brother.”


People haven’t been holding back in showing their love and respect for Doreen’s tequila chugging.

We also love how in the clip it appears that sassy Doreen don’t need no lime after her shot.

Inspirational stuff.

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