Thursday 18 January 2018

This German goalkeeper did the unthinkable to keep his team from being relegated

And in the 96th minute to top it off.

By Kameron Virk

The final day of the Premier League season, while packed with goals, didn’t exactly have much riding on it. Sure, there was the final Champions League place to sow up – but the Champions had already been crowned and those at the bottom had already been sunk.

That wasn’t the case for German side TSV Buchbach though, who play in the regional league Bayern. They needed a win to ensure their survival.

But even as deep into the final day as the 96th minute, that didn’t look likely. Until Alexander Strobl, the goalkeeper, came up for a free-kick.

That had everything.

Final game of the year? Check. Goalkeeper’s goal? Check. Deep into stoppage time? Check. A celebration that ends in a pile of bodies? Check.

Sorry Liverpool, it looks like Buchbach had the best day.

Press Association

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