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This fox and this dog have become the best of friends

Of course, it’s adorable…


When it comes to choosing a pet, your first thought probably isn’t a fox.

But Polina and Panya Luschinskaya, who live in Poland, have always loved unusual pets – and currently they have Jay, a two-year-old red fox, and a two-year-old dog called Saimon. They decided to adopted Saimon from a shelter as a friend for Jay when Polina changed from working at home to an office.

But the cutest thing about it? They became best friends within two days of meeting each other.

“Jay is very friendly,” Polina said of their pet fox. “When we go for a walk she always tries to play with other dogs.”

She added that Jay and Saimon play games together at home, which is totally adorable. Even if the games do get a bit noisy and aggressive sometimes, Polly said the animals never hurt each other.

“Saimon always takes a ball and try to gives it to Jay, and looks like he thinks that Jay should throw it. But Jay just steals it and hides.”

The pair have only lived together for a few months, but their owners said they really seem to love each other.

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“They spend all day together and then in the evening, after we come from work we always go for a walk,” said Polly. “Unfortunately we have to walk them separately, because they can’t concentrate when they (are) together.”

Probably because they’re simply having too much fun together.

Alright, just because we can, here’s one more pic of Jay and Saimon chilling together after lots of games…


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