Thursday 23 May 2019

This former cancer patient’s trick shots are flipping marvellous

Andrew Streeter once battled lymphoma.


By Edd Dracott, Press Association

When he was 16, Andrew Streeter battled cancer and had to have a tumour removed from his neck, but to see him now you would be astonished to hear he’s ever been in anything but perfect health.

While many of us struggle with a roly-poly, the 20-year-old makes trick shots using his remarkable ability to flip – take a look.

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This is just the beginning, so pumped to release some of my best content this summer, but for this #trickshottuesday we can take a look back at my favorite acrobatic trickshots! Be ready for some even better ones and a secret collab dropping soon! • • • • • • • • @kylepennant @cyamundson @overtimetae @overtimelarry @overtimefoh @overtime @deestroying @overtimeali @overtimealex @overtimetom @a1sports @absurdhighlights @arompza3 @austin_raye @rademita @rachelsilvaa @coach_rusty @omarhoh @drewhoh @barstoolsports @bbsdoingnothing @tristanj22 @trickshotsglobal @triplettjake @thechive @highlightsnetwork @greatesthighlights @harlemglobetrotters #harlemglobetrotters #espn #sctop10 #sctop #sportscenter #espnassigndesk #photooftheday #trickshot #gymnastics @machineheart @hoopfellas @everybody_hatechriss @espn @spectacular @sportscenter @whistlesports @thewhistle @sportsnation @pgsports @viby_ @michelle.beadle @mikesmithceo @mikeykauf @betterbounce

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From New York, US, Andrew started break-dancing when he was eight has been doing somersaults for as long as he can remember.

“The main focus of my shots for me is pushing my body to extreme limits and testing the boundaries to which it can go,” Andrew told the Press Association.

“When I was 16 I had cancer and I felt like my body always let me down, so now I want to show myself just what I am capable of.”

“Each trick shot takes a different amount of time,” said Andrew. “Some of the ones that look the most difficult took the shortest amount and the easier ones sometime take the longest.

“Overall I usually spend a few hours on each.

“The longest was my soccer throw in shot that I recently posted, it took me four days to make it with myself trying for three hours each time.”

“The trick to performing a perfect flip is just practising,” said Andrew. “Every day I work out and keep my conditioning up to make sure I can stay in shape to do them.

“When I am doing a flip shot, however, my trick is really only focusing on the flip, throwing the ball is the easy part, but if I focus on the flip and do the same thing every time the ball is eventually going to go in and I will be safe while flipping.”

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BACKFLIP FEET SHOT! This is by far one of my best trickshots and I can’t wait to take this indoors! If you swipe you can see the RAW footage of me talking about how I’ve been going for two hours and it was my last try and just like that I made it! Goes to show you to never give up until you achieve your goal! Tag some pages and spread this around. • • • • • • • • • • @overtime @overtimeali @overtimefoh @overtimelarry @overtimetae @overtimetom @overtimeslam @overtimetrey @mikeykauf @arompza3 @austin_raye @therealaustinwolfe @bbsdoingnothing @hoopfellas @samuelgrubbs @worldstar @whistlesports @thewhistle @randalltwins @triplettjake @therealszabo @crissa_ace #harlemglobetrotters @harlemglobetrotters #trickshottuesday #trickshot #soccer #basketball @everybody_hatechriss @trickshotsglobal @hntrcoofficial @titaniumfitco @thechive #sctop10 #sportscenter #topneighborhoodplay #neighborhoodplay

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Already with 24,000 Instagram followers, the student earns an income from his trick shots and hopes to use his talent to further grow his social media accounts.

“The future in reality is as big as I want it to be, if I continue down this road I can only see myself getting more exposure and reaching more people,” said Andrew. “However, I want to start incorporating my core message of positivity and a healthy lifestyle more into what I do.

“I want to inspire people to live life to their fullest and never lose sight on the best things in life.”

If you’d like to keep up to date with Andrew, flip over to his Instagram or Twitter.

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