Sunday 20 January 2019

This environmental group is giving free ‘endangered species’ condoms to couples for Valentine’s Day

Its aim is to get people ‘talking about the effect of human population growth on wildlife’.

The group is using condoms to spread a message (Ipuwadol/Getty Images)
The group is using condoms to spread a message (Ipuwadol/Getty Images)

By PA Reporters

A US environmental group wants couples to think of wild animals on Valentine’s Day by using their condoms that contain messages about endangered species.

The Centre for Biological Diversity in Arizona has been handing out so-called “endangered species condoms” for free at places such as the Carnegie Science Centre’s adults-only Valentine’s event.

The wrappers feature colourful artwork and slogans like “Before it gets any hotter… remember the sea otter”, “Can’t refrain? Think of the whooping crane” and “Wrap with care save the polar bear”.

According to the group, the condom distribution is a part of its Pillow Talk programme, which “aims to get people who are interested in science and the natural world talking about the effect of human population growth on wildlife”.

The centre, based in Tucson, also handed out condoms at an after-hours event at the San Diego Natural History Museum in California on Friday.

Sarah Baillie, endangered species condoms co-ordinator at the centre, said: “Lots of couples will get lucky this Valentine’s Day, but wildlife and the environment will be far less fortunate in our increasingly crowded world.

“As our population grows, and urban sprawl and agricultural development destroy wild spaces, species we know and love pay the price. Pillow Talk helps people understand how conscientious family planning can protect wildlife.”

Last year, the group sent the same endangered species condoms to US senators for World Population Day.

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