Sunday 18 February 2018

This dog went in for surgery and afterwards, well, you can see he didn't have the worst time

By Jessica Pitocchi

That smile though.

It’s always a nerve wracking time when a pet has to go to the vets for surgery.

But luckily for owner Sarah Mack, from Adelaide, Australia, as soon as she saw her beloved Oscar afterwards she knew he was feeling juuuust fine.

Just look at that grin.

Oscar, still quite clearly feeling the effects of the sedatives, was very smiley on the way home after having some fatty tumours removed and Sarah couldn’t help snapping a pic of her content-looking canine.

People absolutely loved it.

Many have been sharing pictures of their own drugged-up doggos.

Sarah shared another update when she got Oscar home of him being guarded by her cat, Chomper.

She told us Chomper is “mostly pretty grumpy towards him – trying to steal his food etc.” But she said the unlikely affection “shows he knew Oscar needed the extra support as he was snuggling up to him after surgery.”

He might have a big job on his hands paws, as Oscar’s internet fame shows no signs of slowing down soon as the wellwishes keep flooding in.

Sarah said: “I’ve never seen people be so nice on the internet, honestly there has been so much concern for his wellbeing and just no negativity at all, which is almost unheard of.”

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