Tuesday 21 January 2020

This dog road-tripped with his owners and the souvenir photos are adorable

12-year-old Bentley posed for some cute photos on an American road trip.

(Lexee Leach)
(Lexee Leach)

By Emily Chudy, Press Association

A little dog captured people’s hearts when his owner posted photos as he travelled through different American states.

Lexee Leach, a musical theatre performer from Texas, said 12-year-old Bentley accompanied her parents on a road trip, and was captured in adorable souvenir pictures.

Posting the photos on Twitter, she said: “My parents took our dog on a road trip, and he got to stop in every state to mark his journey!!”

Leach explained that Bentley is a world traveller, and goes everywhere with his owners.

She said: “He does like to travel! He had a 14-year-old brother, named Max, who passed away last October, so ever since my parents have taken him EVERYWHERE! To the grocery store, to speech tournaments, road trips obviously.

“He sits in the front seat in his doggy bed and we all sit in the back!”

The adorable holiday photos now have 28,000 retweets, and plenty of responses from other Twitter users.

Leach said: “I absolutely love the positive responses! I adore Bentley, but it is so exciting that everyone else loves him too!”

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