Thursday 22 August 2019

This cute cat is proving you don’t need four legs to have fun

People on Facebook love Joey Roo, an adorable cat with no front legs.

Joey Roo the cat doesn’t need four legs to have fun (Cortney Adams/Joey Roo)
Joey Roo the cat doesn’t need four legs to have fun (Cortney Adams/Joey Roo)

By Edd Dracott and Emily Chudy, Press Association

Six-year-old Joey Roo the cat from Arizona is proving that you don’t need four legs to have fun.

The adorable cat is missing his two front legs, and has a large and loving fan base, including a Facebook page with more than 3,000 likes.

His most recent post showed him relaxing on the sofa with his owner.

Sitting on the couch with mom the other night.

Posted by Joey Roo on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Joey Roo’s owner, Cortney Adams, rescued him in May 2013 to keep her cat Oliver, who was born with deformities and a heart condition, company. Oliver has now sadly passed away.

She said: “His (Joey’s) condition is known as Radial Aplasia … With Joey, he formed one claw on one of his nubs.”

Adams also has another kitten, named Bear, who Joey loves to play around with.

Posted by Joey Roo on Friday, August 5, 2016

Adams said: “He was named Joey after a kid kangaroo … Joey has always loved attention and being held and pet.

“He talks to everyone who comes over and loves greeting people and dogs when we are out and he is in his cart.”

Short video of Bear, and Joey.

Posted by Joey Roo on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Adams has been in animal rescue since she was 12, rescuing and fostering several pets before Joey Roo.

She said: “Joey doesn’t let his condition slow him down at all. He does really well getting around and even has his own way of getting out of a chair.”

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