Thursday 14 November 2019

This couple’s dog absolutely stole the show at their wedding

The adorable seven-year-old Yorkshire terrier was none other than the ring bearer.

Here comes the pup (Kat Mervyn Photography/@Katshootsweddings)
Here comes the pup (Kat Mervyn Photography/@Katshootsweddings)

By Isabel Togoh

Wedding guests know very well not to upstage the loved-up couple at the ceremony, but for Sheree Atcheson and Sean McCrory, pride of place was given for one lucky attendee: their pup, Alfie.

The Irish Yorkie took up the honourable position of ring bearer at the couple’s nuptials in June.

Just look at how happy he is about it.

The beautiful pup carried out his duties with gusto and gracefulness.

Not to mention, he pulled off his doggo suit and bow tie with natural charm and style.

Proud dog parent Atcheson told the Press Association: “Alfie’s role in our wedding was very obviously to steal the show.

Sheree and Sean are proud dog parents to the 7-year-old Yorkie (Kat Mervyn Photography/@Katshootsweddings)

“There was no other option for our ring bearer and he has been involved in all of our big choices in life – where we live, where we work, what holidays we take. So having him involved in our biggest day was a no-brainer.”

The Belfast-based newlyweds are dedicated owners of the pup, who has been a constant fixture in both their lives for the past five years.

Here he is, having a quiet moment with his beloved human (Kat Mervyn Photography/@Katshootsweddings)

“Sean and I both love dogs so much and we’ve always wanted our own dog. Alfie was originally my dog, who lived at my parent’s house whilst I went to uni, but when me and Sean got our own place, we brought Alfie up as a ‘tester’ for a week. That was five years ago and he hasn’t left since.

“Alfie is our ‘dog son’ and he is the glue that holds our little family together.”

News about Alfie’s fame seems to have reached the star himself – he was seen putting on a rather wonderful show for his Instagram fans very recently…

Alfie, please keep being good.

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