Monday 16 September 2019

This clip of a cat playing a xylophone is taking the internet by storm

You’ll need the sound on for this.

( Le Song Bao Duy/ @jimojo.98)
( Le Song Bao Duy/ @jimojo.98)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

A video of a man “mistaking” his phone ringing for his cat playing the xylophone has gone well and truly viral.

The video is the work of Le Song Bao Duy from Vietnam. It features one of his cats, Meo (meaning cat in Vietnamese) “playing” the xylophone.

Of course, it isn’t quite what it seems – there’s a little bit of digital magic involved.

“I hold the cat by it’s paws and make it hit the instruments with her paws. Then I erase my hand digitally,” he told the Press Association.

Bao Duy posted the video on his Instagram channel in October, but after someone posted it on Twitter this week, it has gone viral.

He has been making these kind of videos for around two years, and often involves his cats.

“I just want to have a unique way to have fun with my cat instead of playing regular toys with them like any normal cat owners,” he said.

If you like Bao Duy’s videos, he may have something exciting for you in the future.

“I do have a new cat concept in my mind that I think would be very funny,” he said. “The next video will get more effort from me into it.”

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