Tuesday 17 September 2019

This cat getting brushed after a bath is the embodiment of pure joy

Noxy the five-month old cat adores being brushed after a relaxing soak.

Noxy made adorable noises as she was being cleaned off (reddit.com/user/Nicole_P/Nicole P)
Noxy made adorable noises as she was being cleaned off (reddit.com/user/Nicole_P/Nicole P)

By Alistair Mason and Emily Chudy, Press Association

A little cat enjoying a spa day is going viral for her grateful purring noises.

Reddit user Nicole_P posted a video of her five-month-old kitten Noxy enjoying a luxurious brush after her bath.

Noxy, a Maine Coon, got muddy after playing in the garden, and made adorable noises as she was being cleaned off.

Nicole said: “We got her from a wonderful cattery in Leidschendam [The Netherlands], we knew she would be perfect because gosh she had the most beautiful and absolute sweetest mom.

“She got muddy because she loves running around in our yard! It has rained that day and we looked away for one second and bam – under the bushes in the fresh mud. Whoops!

“She’s an extremely chill cat so bathing her wasn’t that hard.”

The adorable video now has over 3,000 views, and Reddit users have fawned over her cute noises.

Nicole said: “She’s never made those noises before!

“She loves loves loves being brushed but I think she makes those noises because she appreciated being towelled off and then brushed until nice and fluffy again.”

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