Saturday 18 November 2017

This burn from Samsung on Twitter is absolutely savage

By Prudence Wade

Someone give whoever runs the social media account a raise.

It turns out that Samsung is absolutely on fire on Twitter, as one user found out when he dared to post something a bit lewd.

Here’s how the clap back went down. First, Samsung posted a perfectly innocent photo of the new Galaxy S8 phone, asking people what the first photo they took on it was.

Twitter user @savEdward’s response was pretty racy, and probably not the kind of thing Samsung had in mind.

The tone successfully lowered, Samsung replied with a single, perfect emoji.

Yep, that’s right – in just one character Samsung managed to burn @savEdward over the presumed size of his manhood. And don’t worry, Samsung knew exactly how cheeky it was being.

And its banter is winning Samsung a whole lot of love…although probably not from @savEdward.

Talk about shots fired.

So now you know: don’t mess with Samsung.

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