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This burger has the most outrageously OTT spice warning


We get it – this burger is hella spicy.

Have you ever eaten something that’s so spicy, you kinda wish there was a warning on it before you went ahead and took a huge bite?

Well, you’re in luck because this particular burger is so ridiculously spicy it comes with the most extravagant warning you can imagine.

The Hell Boy comes courtesy of The Beefy Boys in Hereford, and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Let’s take a closer look at what pain is in store for you if you dare to try this burger, shall we?

Well, not being able to feel your face any more is definitely a potential outcome: “It’s called the Hell Boy for a reason, mainly because that’s what your life will become after the first bite.”

We don’t know about you but “a roller coaster ride of pain and regret” doesn’t exactly sound like a good night out to us.

Anthony Murphy (known as Murf) from The Beefy Boys says that it’s actually the second draft of the warning, as the first one wasn’t strongly worded enough – yes, that really is how spicy this burger is.

Despite the first message warning customers about the spice level of the burger, “we had a few incidents where people would say they were fine with spice, and then after trying it complained it was too hot and we shouldn’t be selling it.”

However, a few complaints weren’t going to slow down The Beefy Boys, and so this hilariously hyperbolic message was born. FYI – the burger apparently comes with latex gloves. Good news, because we all know how miserable a bit of chilli in the eye is.

It’s so hot, that Murph says they’ve had a few pregnant women come and eat it in an attempt to induce labour. “So far no one has give birth in the restaurant…yet,” he says.

It might be a spicy burger, but no doubt it’ll be a tasty one (if you can handle the pain). The Beefy Boys was started by four backyard BBQers, who then went on to win the UKs best burger at Grillstock 2014 and then nabbed second best burger in the world at the World Burger Championships in Las Vegas (and yes, that really is a thing).

Murph says that “after winning that title, we decided to make our hobby a career and opened our first restaurant in December 2015.”

So if you do decide to give the Hell Boy a try, don’t run crying to anyone if it’s too damn hot. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

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